Cleaner air in Kingston and Surbiton

Having a child with asthma myself, I’ve seen first-hand the impact poor air quality can have on our health. However, to tackle it we need to ensure that we do it in a fair way that does not penalise the poor and merely tax the rich.

Cutting Crime

Our streets should be safe, day and night, for you and your family. The Conservative Government have provided an additional £172 million for the Metropolitan Police next year. I will work with our police, the Council and the whole community to reduce crime.

Supporting our High Streets and Local Businesses

Having owned a small business in Surbiton, I understand the challenges faced by local businesses. I will prioritise supporting our local economy and creating a strong national economy for business to thrive.

Supporting our local schools

School funding levels have risen in recent years. However, the proportion of funding available for high needs education has not kept up. I am campaigning for more Government funding, and working with Conservative colleagues to continue to apply pressure.