Cleaner air in Kingston and Surbiton

Having a child with asthma myself, I’ve seen first-hand the impact poor air quality can have on our health. However, to tackle it we need to ensure that we do it in a fair way that does not penalise the poor and merely tax the rich. I want the Government and the Mayor to take a greater role in supporting us all to make good decisions about the cars we drive and the need for alternative modes of transport like cycling. I believe that the expansion of Heathrow is an unjustifiable mistake and I will champion alternatives. Everyone in Kingston and Surbiton deserves to breathe clean air, and I will work to push forward changes to improve air quality locally and nationally.


Please complete my Air Quality Survey and share your views on improving Kingston and Surbiton's air quality.

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Do you or a member of your family suffer from Asthma or a respiratory problem?
Have you or a member of your family been negatively affected by pollution where you live or work?
If yes, how recently were they diagnosed with this condition?
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Berrylands Nature Reserve

Today, Aphra Brandreth, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Kingston and Surbiton, visited Berrylands Nature Reserve to find out about the excellent work by local conservationists and volunteers to transform this once neglected site into a fantastic nature reserve that the whole community ca