My Local Transport Plan

Every day I meet commuters who arrive late to work and parents that miss their children's bedtimes because of delayed or cancelled trains. Excessive traffic means buses are delayed and more harmful emissions are pumped into our air.


That's why I have a plan to make commuting from Chessington, Kingston, Surbiton, Tolworth and New Malden cheaper, greener and more reliable.


1) A new South Western Overground Train Service

I will work within Parliament to ask the Department for Transport to transfer the South Western Railway franchise to TFL control, to deliver a higher quality service for all local people.


2) Ensuring real 'Delay - Repay' for all

I urge all local residents to claim compensation if their trans are delayed. You can do so by visiting

I will work within government to raise the amount of money that you're entitled to claim back if your journey is affected by a delayed train. Commuters should be entitled to compensation for any delayed train, no matter the length of the delay.


3) Investing in local train stations

In April the Government announced a £300m fund to invest in 73 stations across the country, to improve accessibility and step-free access.

I'm continuing to campaign to secure further government investment for all of our stations in Kingston, New Malden, Surbiton, Berrylands, Chessington and Tolworth.


4) Doubling our services with Crossrail 2

Despite years of promises that better services will come to Chessington, Kingston and Surbiton, we are still faced with daily delays and too few services at key commuting stations. That's why I am campaigning to push for Crossrail 2 to be delivered, doubling the number of trains at Chessington South station and delivering up to 12 trains an hour from Kingston through to London Waterloo.


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