Supporting our High Streets and Local Businesses

Having owned a small business in Surbiton, I understand the challenges faced by local businesses. I will prioritise supporting our local economy and creating a strong national economy for business to thrive. This will maintain the record high levels of employment seen under this Conservative Government and create the right environment for growth so that we can continue to invest in our public services.


Aphra Brandreth Championing The High Street

With recent research estimating around 16 stores a day closing across the UK in the first half of 2019, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Chessington, Kingston and Surbiton - Aphra Brandreth - takes a walk through Kingston Town Centre to see how our local high streets are being affected.

Local High Streets Matter

Today is High Street Saturday and I’ve been out on Victoria Road in Surbiton pledging to shop locally and listening to the views of local residents. 


Why we love our high streets…

F is for Farms

From Fabulous Farms to Farm shops and Farmers’ markets. Kingston and Surbiton has it all. Today at Surbiton Farmers' Market and Byhurst Farm Store.

B is for Brilliant Bookshops

 I visited one in Surbiton today. And the good news is that the number of independent bookshops in the UK grew again last year - up from 868 bookshops to 883.