My A - Z of Kingston & Surbiton


K is for Karting

The kids had a blast at Surbiton raceway, it is more of a spectator sport for me!

J is for Justice & the Jury System

J is for Justice & the Jury system. Kingston has one of the UK's 92 Crown Courts (my mum served on a Jury here). Delivering law and order is fundamental in a civilised society.

I is for Independents

Kingston has some creative, unique and successful independent shops, cafes and restaurants. Independent businesses spark innovation, originality and individuality.

H is for Hospital

We have a wonderful hospital in Kingston which serves us so well. I continue to be grateful for the outstanding care my son received in the intensive care unit after he was born nearly 15 years ago. Thank You Kingston Hospital

G is for the Good Life

Great articles in the recent edition of the Good Life Surbiton’s local newspaper (including an interview with me!)‬

F is for Farms

From Fabulous Farms to Farm shops and Farmers’ markets. Kingston and Surbiton has it all. Today at Surbiton Farmers' Market and Byhurst Farm Store.

E is for Environment

Enjoying our green spaces and keeping them clean. Looking after our environment now and for future generations. This week I joined in the #2minutelitterpick with the team from Sunray Estate #getinvolved.

D is for Dogs

Dog friendly cafes, pet shops & vets. Ian and I set up a veterinary clinic in Surbiton Vet4life - Surbiton Great to visit Woofs a Daisy and drink delicious coffees Wags N Tales Coffee Bar Kitchen this week.

C is for Creativity and Children

Celebrating two of Kingston’s greats who created wonderful characters for children. All three of my children have enjoyed Rupert and the Famous Five.

B is for Brilliant Bookshops

 I visited one in Surbiton today. And the good news is that the number of independent bookshops in the UK grew again last year - up from 868 bookshops to 883.